Heat protection products for hair & 3 reasons why they work



Does your hair really need heat protection?

Absolutely, your hair does need heat protection! Kérastase’s range not only shields your locks from heat damage but also works wonders by adding moisture, reducing frizz, and preventing hair colour from fading. Dive into Head To Toe Hair Salon‘s latest blog to learn how these products can transform your styling routine, with expert tips on application and compatibility with other styling products. Get ready for healthier, show-stopping hair with every style! 

Are you wondering how to give your hair the VIP treatment before your hot date with the styling tools? Fear not, because we’ve got the backstage passes – enter Kérastase’s triple treat: Ciment Thermique, Nectar Thermique, and Defense Thermique.

So, how do these miracle workers function?

Imagine them as the superheroes of your hair squad. Ciment Thermique rebuilds and fortifies, Nectar Thermique hydrates like nobody’s business, and Defense Thermique stands guard against the evil forces of heat styling. It’s like having a power-packed entourage ready to make your hair red carpet-ready.

Now, the million-dollar question – when and how should you apply a heat protection product?

Think of it as prepping for a marathon, but the only running involved is chasing good hair days. Apply a small amount of your chosen Kérastase product to damp hair, distributing it evenly like you’re handing out invitations to the hottest party in town. Then, style as usual – blow-dry, straighten, curl – and let the magic unfold.

Do heat protection products really prevent damage?

Certainly! It’s like wearing sunscreen for your hair. Kérastase’s trio forms an invisible shield, preventing heat styling from turning your locks into a Netflix drama. Your hair stays strong, shiny, and ready for its close-up. And the burning question – can these be teamed up with other styling products? Of course! Mix and match to your heart’s content. These Kérastase wonders play well with others, ensuring your styling cocktail is both effective and fabulous.

So there you have it, the backstage secrets to hair styling success. With Kérastase and a dash of Head To Toe flair, you’re not just styling your hair; you’re creating a blockbuster!

If you wish to purchase any of the Kerastase range they are available to buy on our website or you can drop into the salon.